Hiring Funnel Course

How to make the hiring process manageable and how to implement hiring technology that allows companies to quickly and easily find the best candidates

Take away the step-by-step technology and be able to hire any employee in a month

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Hiring Funnel Course

A mid-level manager has to be on the job for more than six months for the company to earn back its investment in that hire*

*by Harvard Business School survey

This means that you don't start benefiting from an employee until six months into their employment. At that point, the employee may quit or turn out to be the wrong person. In this case, you will waste money and time.

But we have a solution

In our Hiring Funnel Course you will learn to organize the hiring efficiently. The technique we are offering is a step by step process from realizing a need for a new employee to the conclusion of an onboarding procedure by a new member of the team. The course is purely practical which means, you are going to complete all the tasks and by the end of the course you can successfully hire at least one employee!

Hiring Funnel Course will be useful if

Hiring is too time-consuming and you haven't enough time for that

You are struggling with finding highly skilled and experienced candidates

You don't know who to hire first and how to evaluate the return on investment from hiring

New employees don't stay long for various reasons, and you have to start the hiring process all over again

Constant turnover and the need to train employees requires effort from you and a rather large sum from the company

You want to build a hiring system to hire top-notch talent quickly and achieve great business results through an effective team

If you want to recruit top talent

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Course is perfect for:


Who want to achieve great results in the units through competent hiring


Who wants to build an effective hiring process for their organization


Who wants to attract and retain the best talents in the industry

As a result of the course:

  • You will understand exactly what kind of specialists you need in the first place

  • You will be able to calculate the return on investment from hiring, and you will hire more consciously

  • You will understand how to attract the best experts on the market with the right offers, and you will be able to create an incoming stream of candidates

  • You will be able to close any vacancy in a month

  • Reduce staff turnover by means of smart onboarding

  • Receive a ready-made hiring plan that will allow you to scale your business over the next year

  • Build your hiring funnel and make hiring manageable

Course Breakdown

Hiring Plan

Сourse provides a comprehensive guide to the hiring process, outlining everything you need to know before taking on a new employee.

Job Description

Get practical tips and techniques on how to write a job description that accurately reflects your expectations.

Job AD

Learn how to advertise your positions to the candidates and create your own perfect ad.

Candidate Search

The course provides tips on the most efficient ways of searching and a list of candidate searching platforms (even for specific fields of business!).

Making an Questionnaire

The skill provides knowledge on how to create a questionnaire that enables employers to quickly assess candidates’ abilities, work experience, education level, and other important details with just a few questions. It's an extremely efficient way of processing hundreds of responses from different platforms. This technique requires three times less time than studying the resumes!

Holding an Interview

This block includes practical recommendations, a structure, and already prepared questions for an interview.

Making an Offer

In this skill, you'll learn how to make your own sample offer for a successful candidate.

Conducting Onboarding

With this knowledge, you'll be able to make sure that each member of your team is given everything they need to have a successful start in their new role.

How it works

For the sake of convenience, the course is organized as a series of short videos with a technique description, a few videos per skill

Every video has practical tasks and document samples enclosed for your use

You’re getting access to all the modules right away. As the technique is meant for consecutive completion of lessons and practical tasks, we do not recommend you to jump forward. Stay on one skill for as long as you need to complete all the practical tasks

If you are going to spend 30 minutes a day on the course and complete practical tasks, it would take you about a month to complete the course

You can keep all the document samples of the course after its completion for future use

First intro video from the course


Everything You Need for an Incredibly Efficient Hiring Funnel

Job Posting Templates

5 pcs

Job Posting Templates


13 pcs


ROI of Hiring and Delegation Template

7 pcs

ROI of Hiring and Delegation Template

Job Description Templates

3 pcs

Job Description Templates

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  • Job Description templates (assistant store manager, logistician, marketing manager, SMM-manager)
  • Job posting templates

+ Personal Certificate of completion of the course

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Upon successful completion of the course you will also receive a digital, printable Certificate suitable for framing

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