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Course program
Become a certified marketer. Speakers include Seth Godin, Philip Kotler and experts from Facebook, Samsung, Lego, and other companies.
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Seth Godin
Seth is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker. In addition to launching one of the most popular blogs in the world, he has written 20 best-selling books.
The World's Largest Marketing Course
Join 25,000 of the world’s brightest minds in business and marketing, discover and learn new methods of staying online. The all-in-one marketing course will put you on top with the leading marketers and brands.
teachers from international companies and well-known brands.
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Greetings from Seth Godin
Seth is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker. In addition to launching one of the most popular blogs in the world, he has written 20 best-selling books
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Lars Silberbauer
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Seth Godin
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Our teachers are well-known experts from international companies, and their lessons bridge valuable insights and real life cases.
Kristen Mirek
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Get a new qualification as a global marketer
Marketing is always changing: new tools, strategies and mechanics appear every day. Stay on top of effective trends with the 6 disciplines of the program, and learn from the marketing executives of Facebook, Samsung, Lego and other famous companies.
Digital tools
SMM Trends
Building a strong brand
Marketing analytics
Technologies and trends
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6 marketing skills — 12 modules — 12 months of studying.

The course takes place on Saturdays in the worldwide live-broadcast. All lectures and Q&A sessions are held online. If you miss a lesson, you can view its recording in your personal account.
12:30 - 14:00 (UTC -4)
New York, USA
16:30 - 18:00 (UTC +0)
London, UK
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Dubai, UAE
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4 exclusive lectures for NEXT MBA
Seth is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker. In addition to launching one of the most popular blogs in the world, he has written 20 best-selling books, including The Dip, Linchpin, Purple Cow, Tribes, and What To Do When It's Your Turn (And It's Always Your Turn). His book, This is Marketing, was an instant bestseller in countries around the world. The latest book is The Practice, and creatives everywhere have made it a bestseller.

Seth Godin will give 4 exclusive lectures (every 3 months) for NEXT MBA.
Seth Godin
Artificial Intelligence - What it is, what works, what doesn’t, and what’s next
Alan will make an overview of Artificial Intelligence today and tomorrow; what’s working, what is not, what’s next?
Alan Patrick
Alan has been using mathematical modelling techniques from university days onwards. He has BSc and MSc degrees in Industrial Engineering, a discipline that uses statistics, operations research, data analysis and systems modelling heavily (These are fundamental building blocks for AI). Over his career he has been management consultant at McKinsey&Co, a Vice President at British Telecom’s Internet division, a crash survivor, and an entrepreneur.
The Metaverse. What is it and where to find it?
The Metaverse, Web 3.0, the Spatial internet. Is it all just hype? And if not what form will the next phase of the internet take. We are slowly moving from the mobile internet into the next phase of communication and online behaviour. With new forms of digital behaviour, we see shifts and opportunities in business arise, that most companies already now should be investigating.
Rasmus Høgdall
Rasmus has worked in the tech and creative industry for more than 20 years. His last role was a Creative Lead for Meta in Denmark and Norway. He was Nordic lead on the Metaverse and has spoken, guided and helped business and cultural institutions across the globe finding their legs in web 3.0.
In the lecture on the future of marketing, the author of the book "Marketing 5.0", the famous promoter of “4 Ps Marketing” Philip Kotler explains how marketers can use new marketing strategies to meet customer needs and change the world.
Philip Kotler
Philip Kotler is known around the world as the “father of modern marketing.” For over 50 years he has taught at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. Kotler’s book Marketing Management is the most widely used textbook in marketing around the world.
Martin Lindstrom will show and discuss how Small Data has been instrumental in the turnaround success of numerous companies around the world, in shipping, banking, retail, fashion, and food and beverage.
Martin Lindstrom
Martin Lindstrom is the founder and chairman of Lindstrom Company, the world’s leading brand & culture transformation group, operating across five continents and more than 30 countries. TIME Magazine has named Lindstrom one of the “World’s 100 Most Influential People”
Search Marketing is one of the most effective channels to gain traffic and visibility from search engines, but for many leaders is a discipline difficult to grasp. During this session we will discuss the state of the industry and how it is being disrupted by IA and what CMOs need to know about this marketing channel. We will learn how search engines can help you to reach your target audiences and how to manage your teams to get the most of your search marketing campaigns.
Luis Navarrete Gomez
Luis is Global Head of Digital Marketing, Sr. Director at Liberty Latin America, one of the biggest Telecom groups in the Latam region and leads digital marketing activity and Former Global Director of LEGO. In his time in the company, Luis has shaped the digital marketing experiences in an organization that reaches both B2B and B2C customers in more than 40 markets.
in the era of chaos
How to communicate to managers, how to communicate with clients in an era of instability and unpredictability — we will learn on the module.
Jody Sunna
VP, Corporate Communications at Philip Morris International

Jody Sunna joined Philip Morris International (PMI) in 2018 after nearly a decade at Havas PR North America. A never smoker, she joined PMI for the unique opportunity to drive change—helping the company achieve its delivery of a smoke-free future. With 20 years of experience guiding and shaping brands and supporting their corporate, cause, and crisis work, Sunna mixes a passion for social change with a marketer’s wisdom to ensure results. Sunna is a graduate of Purdue University and currently lives in Lausanne, Switzerland.
We will learn new ways to work with content, make a product recognizable and noteworthy in social networks, create popular content, and build a powerful personal brand.
Ali May
Founder & Creative Director at «Mayhart». Journalist, writer and producer. He worked as the Iran Reporter for Bloomberg News and UK Correspondent for euronews.
Kristin and other speakers will explain how to promote traditional media through non-traditional methods. What's next for traditional and non-traditional forms of marketing?
Kristin Mirek
Former Senior Vice President at Nickelodeon, Digital Marketing Consultant
Disruptive Marketing: New trends
Let's dive into the promotion of social networks: we will develop individual SMM strategies, increase brand reputation and create a thriving community on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and other social networks.
Lars Silberbauer
Lars transformed LEGO from a brand with zero social media network into one of the most influential digital leaders in the world. Mr. Silberbauer is currently working as Global Head of Brand, Marketing, and Digital at the Olympics (IOC).
Launching Next Generation Services
A good leader is someone who inspires a positive work environment and encourages teamwork by creating an exciting vision for employees, who innovates and embraces change, and who takes risks and thinks long-term. Learn how to launch Next Generation Services.
Brendan Yam
Former Senior Vice-President and General Manager, Paramount/ViacomCBS International Digital Studios
Learn how to grow your business from the ground up by successfully implementing digital strategies. Make breakthrough growth with a variety of tools.
Jessica Gioglio
Jessica Gioglio is a recognized marketing innovator and international speaker. Throughout her career, Jessica has combined the power of storytelling and growth marketing to deliver award-winning programs and results for best-in-class companies such as Dunkin’ Donuts, TripAdvisor and Sprinklr.
Implement the newest marketing frameworks. Make important decisions, conquer new heights.
Be an effective leader with a sense of trends and motivation to capture new markets.
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Achieve better results by staying on top of the latest trends.
Marketing expert
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